Titus Corporation

With software, anything is possible. Yet not all possibilities are advisable…


Titus Corporation was founded in 1996 with the mission of providing world-class quality software products and services.

Titus Corporation is a software product development company offering products based on Titus middleware that aid in either the deployment or design of most any software-driven system. Our product line is based on a platform-indepenedent proprietary messaging technology which can be used both in and out-of process on virtually any hardware system or networked device.



In addition to our Product Line, we provide two levels of software support services:

- Integration Service : A short term contract where our products are integrated into your systems

- Hourly Service : Where our expertise in OO Analysis/Design and programming are put to bear on your tasks To find out more about the services we offer, here's a link to our Services.

From this base technology, we have built reusable software components that aid developers in the task of creating scalable software that is easily maintainable and efficient. To find out more about our product line, here's a link to our Products page.